For over 5 months now SEMC has been conducting drilling and blasting activities in Caramacca, Suralco's bauxite mine. Drilling is done with the fully reconditioned Klemm drills and qualified operators. All blasting is coordinated with a certified blastmaster and we can proudly say that all blasting has been done without any incidents.

With drilling and blasting SEMC has totally taken over all mining activities in the Caramacca mine, we develop the mineface beforehand, drill and blast the ore lose, load and drive the ore to the stockpiles and lastly, deliver the ore to the refinery. All activities are done according to Suralco standards and the ore is delivered to accepted qualities of Suralco.

Next to drilling and blasting, we've also done some exploration drilling and we are happy to say that together with Suralco we have expanded the ore reserves and have extended the life of mine.


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