On December 31 during the annual Pagara Estafette, Service Club Quota will hand out earplugs to the public who will be present in the inner city of Paramaribo. They will do this to increase the awareness of negative effects of prolonged and frequent noise. The public will also be informed how to use the earplugs.

Noise above 80dB for an 8 hour period or longer lasting can lead to hearing damage or complete hearing loss.

Indication of loudness:

  • loud car stereos: 140dB
  • MP3 player (with earphones): 90-110dB
  • disco: 100-120dB
  • vuuwerk: 140dB

SEMC is proud to sponsor the last two years of awareness done by Quota. This also brings the SEMC Health, Safety, Environment and Quality culture to the community.

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